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SANDAWES is the pioneering Nordic luxury business and service design company. We aim at enabling established and emerging Nordic brands and companies to develop and apply luxury strategies, that facilitate sustainable growth in the luxury sector.

Our vision is to

  • create beautiful and aesthetic environments, products and services that
  • are functional and provide pleasure, happiness and unique experiences to people
  • in a sustainable and ethical way, that respects the environment, natural resources, and human beings and that creates long-term value for both the business and society, and future generations.

We will continuously develop the excellence of our services and processes, and our unique business know-how, as well as cultural, creative and aesthetic skills. Located in Helsinki Finland, we operate at the focal point of Nordic luxury, and provide access to the beautiful Helsinki archipelago, the Scandinavian design, and to the land of thousand lakes, green forests, and clean air.

Our Consultants

Ainomaria Parikka
CEO, Partner, Creative & Brand Designer

Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration
Master of Social Sciences

Background: in digital media and web development, strategy & brand development, marketing and communications, service sector, wellness, hospitality, luxury, lifestyle & culture
Currently: Doctoral Candidate at Aalto University School of Business, Department of Marketing. My research focuses on customer experience management.
Publications: Customer Experience Management. Opening the Black Box with Discourse Analysis. (Doctoral Dissertation, forthcoming)
Building the dream online: Does participation in luxury brand’s social media affect brand experience, brand affect, brand trust, and brand loyalty? (Thesis 2015)
The evaluation and design of IR interfaces (Thesis 2002)

Riina Latvala
Chairman, Partner, Service Designer

Master of Hospitality Management

Background: in services and hospitality management, travel and tourism, service design and process development
Currently: PhD student in Economics and Business Administration, Service Management, studying luxury services
Publications: Finnish luxury as a definition and a phenomenon (Theseus 2013)
The challenge of luxury service - Service provider’s perspective (Doctoral Dissertation, forthcoming)

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