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Hospitality / Travel

We have extensive experience in hospitality and traveling business. We are especially interested in Nordic potential: the luxury of Northern nature and quietness. We know how to create unique experiences, which is a matter of thousand details and subleties, and an exclusive service.

This group of our clients consists of companies, which provide services and facilities for tourists - hotels, resorts, accommodation, activities, events, and adventures.

A growing trend globally and nationally is a combination of travelling and wellness, or health tourism, in the luxury sector. We are also experienced in lifestyle, wellness and health care categories, and have broad knowledge on current trends and markets, as well as novel ideas for the Nordic market.

Heritage Brands

To become Louis Vuitton requires a long history, products of highest quality, some money and luck. But with a carefully designed and managed business model and strategy, it is possible for anyone to enter luxury and create new international brands.

Digitalization has brought many challenges for heritage brands. However, heritage brands have major advantages in digital marketing, especially in social media and influencer marketing. The question is no longer whether heritage luxury should be online, but how to do it correctly.

If you are an established company with quality products and a long history, we are happy to serve all your needs - at every stage of your digitalization process. If you are a start-up targeting luxury sector, we are happy to collaborate, in inventing your unique story and in building your international success.

Exclusive Products

Luxury is always about exclusive products combined with exclusive service. True luxury products are handmade, innovative, of high quality, made from finest ingredients, and they are produced locally. Luxury is authentic.

We have discovered many products that are somewhat luxurious but not luxury, as the potential of the product has not been realized. In many cases, the problem lies in restricted budgets and failure in strategic desicions: the money is spent on R&D, equipment, and fairs, and the costs are cut from marketing. This means ‘homemade’ brand design, websites and marketing material. Unfortunately, homemade in this respect, means a poor brand image. If a brand wants to be luxury, every touchpoint needs to support luxury.

There are exclusive products in the Finnish market. We know how to create brands. We help you to think big.

Lifestyle / Wellness

We are experienced in lifestyle categories such as fashion, design, arts, interiors and home fashion, fine food and wines, as well as wellness and health categories including spas, sauna, sports, beauty and nutrition.

The competition in lifestyle segments is fierce and thus, a luxury strategy may provide a source of value that your rivals are not able to replicate. Any company, whether they offer luxury products or not, benefits from luxurious service, as customer experience has become the most important success factor.

Wellness and health travelling has witnessed a tremendous growth in the past few years. An amazing potential in Nordic countries is still waiting to be discovered, invented, developed, branded and marketed to the world.

Again, we think big.

Luxury Start-ups

In luxury, the business strategies and processes are different from any other marketing strategies. It is not about a fancy story, nor a pretty website. The application requires unique skills and vast knowledge.

You will have only one chance launching your luxury brand, because the first impression is a lasting one. That is why we encourage start-ups to start collaborating with us at early stage.

We are ready to roll up our sleeves with you.

Your company

In theory, it is possible to build luxury anywhere, to any products, services, or industries. In practice, certain criteria need to be met in advance in order to enter luxury.

If your brand or company does not qualify as a luxury candidate, you may still benefit from application of luxury’s best practices. Thus, you may operate in accounting, agriculture, retail, B2B or space travel – we will analyze your potential.

Our analysis consists of scrutinizing your company, products, and services, investigating your existing as well as potential clients, and analyzing the market potential.

Do you think your business could enter luxury?

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