Less paper / if the object can be in bytes, we will use digital approach. This saves paper, forests, and space. Whenever we use paper, we only choose environment certified materials from responsible suppliers.

Less emissions / we prefer public transportation. Our main office building is located in central Helsinki, next to the subway station Kamppi, and also in a short walking distance of Helsinki Railway Station.

Flexible and distance work / due to the nature of our work and agile teams, we don't need a giant office space. This means less electricity and less emissions. In addition, we are able to offer our clients more alluring contracts, without the need to cover for expensive premises.

Local services / we contribute to our community by prefering Finnish work. We are happy to pay more to Finnish companies and stakeholders in order to have an impact on our national economy and wealth, and thus, we don’t take e.g. printing and programming jobs to countries providing cheaper labour.

Happy people / we believe in treating employees with respect, and investing in their welfare and workplace happiness. The key words here are honesty, trust, and openness. Respecting everyone’s opinions, welcoming diversity and nurturing creativity empowers people. Relationships and mindfullness matter. Positive emotions invigorate human beings and makes them more productive. Happiness is power.

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