The Sandawes story

The founders and partners of SANDAWES met almost by accident at a nice café on a sunny summer evening. After chatting for a while they discovered remarkable similarities in their individual and business life philosophies: they both had asked countless of why questions. Why don't businesses perform better? Why don’t they understand their business potential? Why don’t they value the potential of their employees? Why don't they recognize the link between happy employees and brand performance? Why doesn’t anyone seem to understand what brand means? Why is it so difficult to see the big picture and simultaneously take care of the details?

The SANDAWES founders also shared a lifetime interest in luxury, they had been luxury clients themselves, and they were doing academic empirical research on luxury. A mutual agreement of what was missing from the Nordic business world was rapidly accomplished.

Not surprising with passionate world travellers, there had been a dream of a luxurious destination of mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania National Park, white beaches and wild safari, which for various reasons, had never become reality. This dream turned into a dream of revealing Nordic luxury to the world, as the North has breath-taking views and authentic luxurious destinations, that are truly unique from a global perspective. In order to fullfill this dream, the Nordic luxury needs to be productized, developed, branded, and marketed.

What is even more important, is to encourage collaboration between different companies, brands, services and stakeholders for gaining essential synergy benefits in the luxury market. SANDAWES helps Finnish companies to discover their potential, and offers unique luxury business and strategy know-how.

One thing from the luxurious sweet spot of Africa remained though: the company name SANDAWES owes to a small and rare indigenous tribe in central Tanzania.

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