Customer experience needs to be integrated into the business strategy

CX, customer experience, asiakaskokemus, strategy, strategia

20.2.2017 07:00

The IT word of marketing conversation today is customer experience, CX. Companies and opinion leaders talk eagerly about their customer orientation and how they deliver great experiences. Well, it would sound odd to say ”no, we are absolutely not focusing on our customers!”

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Low cost website in a week

IA, information architecture, informaatiosuunnittelu, website, verkkosivut, user experience, käyttökokemus

13.2.2017 07:45

Considering that digitalization and customer experience have been the key business topics for years, why are we not seeing epic websites and WOW experiences online? Many websites are crappy and unpleasant to use, and they fail at delivering branded communications. We do not need to invest more money but more brains and effort.

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Steering Finnish luxury sector from mediocrity to fame

Customer journey, Luxury, Service design

27.6.2016 12:51

There has been a growing trend in discussing productization of Nordic organic and near food, forest and health tech, as well as nature and pure air for export and tourism. At the same time general opinion states that Finnish companies lack marketing know-how. The statement is unfortunately true. Marketing in Finland is product-oriented and mediocre. Export business requires luxury strategies.

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SANDAWES to develop Nordic luxury


15.10.2015 12:00

The pioneering Nordic luxury business and service design agency SANDAWES is pleased to announce its official launch.

SANDAWES starts to develop Nordic luxury for global markets. The most promising areas and sources of Nordic luxury are health technology and tourism, northern nature, clean air and quietness, as well as handcraft and Scandinavian design, which have already been recognized abroad.

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