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Service Design

CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT / Through analysis and business intelligence we develop existing services to meet luxury standards. We also design new concepts, which engender unique experiences to your customers. We use advanced Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) tools.

PHYSICAL SPACES / With every physical object you communicate your brand. What makes a space luxurious and functional, is not about the money spent on design furniture, but good taste and an eye for details. We make sure that your interiors and exteriors are coherent with your luxury brand identity.

SERVICE EDUCATION / Service is one of the most crucial elements of a luxury experience. We believe that more than lack of skills, poor service stems from wrong attitudes. We offer tailored service education packages for companies.

Brand Development

BRAND IDENTITY / Brand identity is the core idea and essence of your offering. A luxury brand is essentially highly symbolic and has a very strong brand identity. We use various tools and methods, that are specifically tailored for building a luxury brand identity. Brand identity development is done through workshops and design sessions.

VISUAL BRAND IDENTITY / Visual shape follows the content. This means that no logo can be created before the story, idea and the meaning of the brand is known and well defined. If brand identity is the soul of a brand, visual brand identity is the looks, feel, taste, scent and sound of the brand. We carefully transform the meaning of your brand into elements for every sense.

BRAND MANAGEMENT CONSULTING / Despite the trend of consumers co-creation of brands, a brand needs to be managed. Luxury brand management is not only maintaining a coherent image: it is as much about company culture and employees, and strategic choices concerning every detail of business model. We offer brand management workshops and provide strategic tools for managing your brand.


WEBSITE DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT / We have the creative intelligence and modern technological expertise to build your online presence. Our comprehensive web design services guarantee your website is responsive, accessible, fast and future proof. We make sure, that your website suits your brand identity, is usable and functioning on any device, and creates pleasurable user experiences.

SOCIAL MEDIA / Promoting luxury on social media is tricky business - but highly effective when executed the right way. We know that image is everything on social media. Our specialty is knowing which channels to use and how. We design your brand's social presence and devise measurable content strategies.

EMAIL MARKETING / Most newsletters and marketing emails are horrible junk. We do strategic consultation and use best practice design and creative design including A/B testing and analytics to build great email marketing concept for your brand.


STRATEGY / A plan of how, where, when and to whom to communicate exclusiveness and perfection is an essential part of luxury strategy. We help you with your strategy work, or carefully design the whole package.

CONTENT / Luxury is storytelling. It is based on innuendo, semiotics and artistic connotations, and most of all, it is highly visual. Luxury advertising is not really advertising but art. We produce elegant contents for any media and occasion.

CHANNELS / It is of utmost importance to communicate through right channels - not only to reach the right customers, but to manage your luxury image. We suggest the optimal omni-channel strategy for your luxury.

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